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Don't Get Blurpt - Black Oakland Type Beat

Spirit Guide - Xan Brickz x West Coast Type Beat

Misplaced - Bay Area Type Beat

Electric Hummer - Memphis Trap Type Beat

When NightFalls - Detroit Type Beat

See Through - Bay Area Type Beat

Gimme That Shit - EBK JaayBo Type Beat

Down and Up - Peezy Team EastSide Type Beat

Minion - Flint x Bay Area Type Beat

Wile Coyote - West Coast Type Beat

BTA Beating They Ass - Bay Area x West Coast Type Beat

Just About - The Jacka Type Beat

Flawless - Yatta Bandz Type Beat

Never Scared - EBK Hotboiiz + Xan Brickz Type Beat

Ether Base - West Coast Type Beat

No Looking - Aggressive BabyFace Ray Type Beat

Dire Need - Team Eastside Type Beat

Sting Ray - Bay Area x Detroit Type Beat

Fair Exchange - Mozzy Type Beat

Raw With It - Detroit Trap Type Beat

If We Lurkin - West Coast Type Beat

Fuck All Of U - Boosie Type Beat

The Gateway - Bay Area Type Beat

Intentions - OMB Peezy Type Beat

A Cold Tale - Black African American West Coast Type Beat


Xan Brickz - UnderWorld City [Loop Kit]


Xan Brickz - Ninja Turtoise III [Loop Kit]


Xan Brickz - Brickz Kringle [Loop Kit]


Xan Brickz - Unknown Places [Loop Kit]


Xan Brickz - Souls On Ice [ElectraX Bank]


Xan Brickz - For Your Ears Only [Loop Kit]


FB-01 Edition


Xan Brickz - Xan StinkMeaner [Loop Kit]


Xan Brickz - Absurd Reactions [ElectraX Bank]


FB-02 Edition


"Loopy" - Young Dolph x Ralo x BigXThePlug x Pimp C Type Beat

"Electric Hummer" - Bic Fizzle x Gucci Mane Type Beat

"Gimme That Shit" - EBK JaayBo x Mozzy Type Beat

"Got Me Fucked Up" - Mozzy x Philthy Rich x West Coast Type Beat

"Mac Spoon" - Bay Area Instrumental x West Coast Type Beat

"Bopz" - Philthy Rich ft Peezy x Jimbo World Type Beat

"Watch Ya Self" - Boosie x Lil Phat x NBA Youngboy Type Beat

"Another Episode" - Icewear Vezzo x Veeze Type Beat

"Uno" - Icewear Vezzo x Rio Da Yung OG x GT x Drego & Beno Type Beat

"Boyz 2 Men" - Toohda Band$ x Team Eastside Peezy x Bla$ta Type Beat

"It Seems Like" - Peezy x Allstar JR x Payroll Giovanni Type Beat

"Sincerely Brickz" - Babyface Ray x Rio Da Yung OG Type Beat Instrumental

"Move Mean" - Philthy Rich x Yatta x EBK Hotboiiz Type Beat

"Tax Season" - Detroit x Skilla Baby x Babyface Ray x Cash Kidd Type Beat

"It Get Cold" - Meek Mill x Rick Ross x Kendrick Lamar Type Beat

"Cool Breeze" - Mozzy x The Jacka x West Coast Instrumental


ELECTRIC HUMMER | Memphis Trap Type Beat

WHEN NIGHTFALLS | Detroit Type Beat

"Live Fast" - Flint x Detroit Type Beat

"Do It Then" - Peezy x Team Eastside Type Beat

"Wild Nites" - Detroit x Bay Area Type Beat

Skin Color - Black West Coast Type Beat

Already Ready - Detroit Type Beat